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The Circuit Warz project was conceived with the overall aim to investigate if creating a compelling, engaging, immersive and competitive environment to teach electronic circuit theory and principles would increase student engagement. The game is cross platform and will be available on the Apple and Google play stores, in a browser (using WebGL) and as a PC download. 



The game is set in the near future when the Earth is under imminent threat of invasion from aliens. As the alien ship approaches it passes Earth's last line of defence, a laser facility on the Moon. The laser is about to fire and destroy the aliens when it is sabotaged and malfunctions. The player/engineer has to solve a series of increasingly more difficult puzzles through the practical application of circuit theory under severe time constraints to fix the generator to fire the laser and save the planet from destruction. 


Target audience

Undergraduate electronic and electrical engineers but has general appeal to a wider audience.


Key features

The game has seven increasingly difficult levels for the student to complete, based around fundamental electronic and electrical circuits typically found on first year undergraduate engineering courses.


  • Level 1 Series/parallel
  • Level 2 RC filter
  • Level 3 Graetz Bridge
  • Level 4 Wheatstone Bridge
  • Level 5 Summing amplifier
  • Level 6 Transistor switch
  • Level 7 Oscillator


For more information contact

Michael Callaghan 

Telephone number: +44 (0)28 71675771

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Web: http://www.circuitwarz.com


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