General Research

Some journal and conference papers related to the project can be found on the publications page here 

Recent projects include three demos built using Unity and the Intel Realsense F200 camera and a multi-player VR demo for the Oculus Rift built using the Photon server.  

  • Voice control demo using Intel RealSense F200 camera 
  • Virtual reality (Oculus Rift) demo with Intel RealSense F200 camera.
  • Multiplayer VR demo using the Photon server 

Circuit Warz VR Simulator

The VR simulator complements the PC version of the game and is intended as a training device.  

For more information and to download the VR simulator game please go to WearVR website. 

Download from WearVR

Setup Instructions

Download, unzip and execute. 

Minimum Requirements

You need an Oculus Rift to play (developed for the DK2). Works with the latest Oculus Runtime on CV1.

Playing Instructions

Game controller and PC keyboard. WASD, arrow keys and left mouse click.

Input Controls

Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad


Quentin Mazoua

Numa Libouban

Joceran Fichou-Meunier

Michael Callaghan 



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