CTECH: Cortana Tutor Electronics Circuits with Hardware (CTECH)

Voice Driven Virtual Assistant Tutor and Simulator in Virtual Reality for teaching fundamental electronic and electrical circuit behavior and operation. 

Click here to download CTECH (Zip file for PC).  

Instructions on how to run the application on PC are available below. 

Overview of remote laboratory in VR. 


Application requirements

This application requires an Oculus Rift with Touch controllers to run. Download file above. Unzip on PC. Click/launch the CTech VR.exe file to run.

To allow content from unknown sources on the Oculus Rift

How do I allow content from unknown sources to run on my Oculus Rift?


Open the Oculus app on your PC.

Click , then select Settings.

Click General in the left menu.

Next to Unknown Sources, click to allow content from unknown sources.

There is also a standalone version to explore without hardware. 

Click here to download CTECH without hardware (Zip file for PC).  






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