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Objective: Solve for R1 given Vi, R2, R3 to get required value Vo.

Learning outcomes: Parallel and series circuits. Equivalent resistance. Circuits and current flow.

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Objective: Solve for R1, C to get target cut off f_c

Learning outcomes: RC circuits and cut off frequencies.Low/high pass filters.

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Objective: Align diodes. Solve for C given Vpp, R, f to get target output V

Learning outcomes: Convert AC to DC. Ripple reduction using capacitors. Diodes in rectification. 

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Objective: Solve for Rx given R1, R2, R3 and Vpp.  Balance bridge Vg=0

Learning outcomes: Components/operation of bridge. Find unknown resistance value using circuit. 

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Objective: Solve for R0 given  R1,R2,R3 to achieve target Vout

Learning outcomes: Op amps in summing amplifiers. Relationship input/output Voltage. Role of feedback resistor (R0).

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Objective: Solve for Rin and Rl given Vpp, Vin to achieve target IC 

Learning outcomes: Understand saturation/cut-off in transistor as switches.Relationship between RC and IC.

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Objective: Solve for R2, R3 and  C  to achieve target frequency and Vpp

Learning outcomes: Convert DC source to (AC). Compute oscillation frequency from components.

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